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Saturday, 06 July 2013 22:30

New uComp 2013 released

uComp is a part of Simple Universal Protocol project.


uComp provide next:
1) Connect MCU with PC, you need about 15 minutes for source code writing.
2) Work with variable (or variables) at PC and synchronize them with MCU automatically (parametric setters).
3) Read any interested variable (or variables), modify them at PC and transfer back to MCU automatically(working variables)
4) Read any interested variable (or variables), interpolate them with Ax³+Bx²+Cx¹+D=f(x) poly (sensor variables), this feature can work in automatic mode.
5) Automatically create poly (A,B,C,D coefficients) by fixing point pairs(x,f(x)) in real time or at start of program.
6) Do fast packet reading from MCU(read a structure), max packet length is 256 bytes.


SUprotocol is Simple Universal Protocol.

Based on RS232 Asynchronous mode.

Connect MCU with PC.

Data model:
32 BLOCKs as 32bit data.
Any Block can be UIN32, INT32, FLOAT,[UINT16:UINT16],[SINT16,SINT16],BYTE[4]-Union Structure
PC is master.

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